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JKOPA J&K Offset Printers’ Association was established in the year 2010 and got registered by the Registrar of Societies, J&K Govt. vide Registration No. 270 of 2010 dated 27-09-2010 under J&K Societies’ Registration Act of 1998 (1991 AD).
In order to boost the ailing Printing Industry and promote the same in a professional way, a need was felt to form another association of printers with certain well-defined objects as under :-

(i) To promote, aid, help and develop the art, craft, management of printing and graphic art industries in their various branches without any profit.
(ii) To establish Institutes I Schools of learning for general public utility, to arrange training facilities in printing- its allied processes i.e. D.T.P., Graphics, Plate making,
Offset Printing, Binding etc. for the general public and government employees who wish to gain skills, so as to provide gainful employment opportunities for the masses.
(iii) To collect, secure and circulate information in all matters related to the printing industry and allied trades and to improve technical knowledge of all concerned in the industry by establishing apprenticeship schemes, running institutions for study, research, training and demonstration of new techniques and methods and to hold exhibitions, conferences, conventions, seminars, competitions and workshops and to establish museums and libraries.
(iv) To publish books, magazines, periodicals and other literature and to arrange radio and television broadcasts for achievement of objects mentioned in clause (iii).
(v) To buy and sell or otherwise acquire lands, buildings or other properties, movable and immovable and commodities and construct buildings required for the purposes of the Association.
(vi) To aid or receive aid from other associations promoting or formed to promote any of the above objects and to subscribe to any association with a view to obtain any other advantages or benefits for the purpose of the Association.
JKOPA (vii) To receive aid, grants from the Government, Statutory bodies, Trusts, Firms or Individuals to promote the objects of the Association.
(viii) In generality to do such other or similar acts which may be deemed necessary for the achievement of the above objects.
(ix) To promote fellowship among members.
(x) To ensure safe-guards for the printing industry in the State so that it is in a position to perform its functions with dignity and honour.
(xi) To institute scholarships/stipends for the meritorious & needy wards of workers engaged in printing industry.
(xii) To provide free training to workers in various aspects of printing technology.
(xiii) To provide free consultancy services in the field of printing technology.
(xiv) To publish Newsletter, Information Bulletin etc.

It is on record that Printing and Packaging is the second largest industry in India but our printers are not in the know of the latest developments taking place these days in our trade. Almost all the units, being located in different places, are working independently of each other, rather in isolation and do not have a common platform to discuss various problems being faced by them. Looking at the present scenario, the main thrust of the Association is to transform the printing industry in the State into an organized sector so that it is in a position to face all the challenges effectively & efficiently. The names, occupation and addresses of the first Office-Bearers of the Association to whom the management of the affairs of the Association was entrusted are as under :

S. No. Name Address with Mobile Occupation Designation
1 Ravi Gupta Jandiyal Printing Press Mohinder Nagar, Jammu.
Mob. 94191-85277
Printers President
2 Sudesh Gupta Mob. 9419142528 Printers Sr. Vice President
3 Sharat Sharma Mob. 9419124205 Printers Vice President
4 Rahul Mahajan Mob. 9419180999 Printers Gen. Secretary
5 Rajneesh Kaushal Mob. 9419193244 Printers Secretary
6 Satish Raina Mob. 9419141499 Printers Joint Secretary
7 Sanjay K. Soni Mob. 9419317819 Printers Finance

The primary membership at the time of the establishment stood at 33 whereas on date 108 printers / associates are active members of the Association. Out of these 28 members belong to districts other than Jammu. On the basis of its track record the Association has been registered as a member of All India Federation of Master Printers’ vide AIFMPS’ Resolution 17(i) passed in 218th meeting of G.C. held at Chennai. It was also got affiliated to Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Jammu.
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